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Why Is Air Conditioning Rare In Areas Outside LA?

Energy demand is particularly too high in Los Angeles according to the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power reports. Way back in June 2016, the department reported an unprecedented energy demand that rose steeply to about 50% above average. As temperatures rise, making the climate hotter, people in LA consume more energy in response. That is why air conditioning Los Angeles unlike in places outside of it, is not optional but required for people at home, in offices, schools, and vehicles.

Air Conditioning In Coastal LA Vs. The Islands

The level of cold and air conditioning in coastal LA is not as high as in The Islands. According to a utility survey a few years back, homes that used AC were not up to half of the entire Los Angeles and Southern California cities. In areas with beaches and a cool breeze coming in from the Pacific Ocean, the need for air conditioning is optional and therefore many people go without or use it less. Such places include Brentwood in Westside, Southern California. The Islands have severe cold, unlike the coastal areas across the state with fewer air conditioners.

Changing Climatic Trends

The temperature in LA was never this hot until recently. Take a look at the weather history of LA and most notably the West Coast and find out how extremely chilly and super cold it used to be. Today, West Coast snow-capped landscapes are but history and the once rarely used Air Conditioners there have become a high energy consumption home and office cooling equipment.

The Heat Wave

Global temperature studies and reports are very categorical on how every region around the world and not only the LA is witnessing a steady rise in temperatures. According to Daniel Swain, a UCLA Climate scientist, Californian coastal areas have not been left behind, following record-breaking heat waves that hit it. These heat wave places include Long Beach, Oxnard, Santa Ana and most of the West Coast areas.

Response To The Heat Wave

Places outside LA respond differently to this heat wave. In communities such as San Diego, San Francisco, and San Bernardino County with lots of beaches and fountains, they simply go and cool themselves off in the waters. In contrast, areas like Anaheim, Woodland Hills, San Jacinto cannot do otherwise than stick to air conditioning.

Air Conditioning As A Solution

In LA, everybody understands that using AC as a solution to such high temperatures is the way to go. No wonder, almost all LA homes own a functioning AC, including even Central Air and the ductless mini-split systems. Many homes find the heat wave bigger than fans can handle. Even parents have always pressured schools that are left behind to equip every classroom with air conditioning.


The reason air conditioning Los Angeles is rare in places outside of Los Angeles is simple. Extremely hot temperatures in LA have forced LA residents to spend more of their budget on A.C than places outside LA which are less hit by heat.