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What Qualifications Do I Need for Traffic Management

A traffic controller efficiently and effectively controls the flow of traffic so that vehicles move to and from their destinations smoothly and without facing any problems. However, becoming someone responsible for the overall traffic management of a particular location is not an easy task and requires some specific qualifications and certifications.

Discussions regarding everything related to traffic management and traffic controllers, in particular, will be done in detail below so that you won’t have to resort to anywhere else for all the complete information in one place.

What do I need to become a traffic controller?

To become a successful traffic controller, you must have the right qualifications and certifications without which landing the particular job is next to impossible. First of all, to become a traffic controller, you must attain a White Card and complete the required traffic courses. The White Card is a type of certification that enables the holder to access places under construction. This is particularly important for people who are enrolled in the field of construction, traffic control, sales, etc. Apart from this, you must also have the necessary qualifications. Some of these include being at least 18 years old, having a valid driver’s license, and also need to have proficiency in English speaking. Apart from these essential things, a traffic controller must be physically able to lift heavy objects and must be fit enough to stand on the road for a long time as per the demands of the job.

What are some traffic control courses?

Besides the qualifications discussed in detail above, you need to complete individual traffic management training. You can opt for physical training as well as some traffic management courses online. However, as per the OHS, the training must include two separate courses. The first course is the RIIWHS205D – Control Traffic with a “Stop” or “Slow” sign. The second course is RIIWHS302D – Implement Traffic Management Plan. It must also be noted that these courses might vary in some aspects of different parts of Australia. For instance, there are some course alterations in New South Wales compared to Sydney or Melbourne. Traffic control courses may also vary with the type of job you are looking to apply to. General workers or labourers, for instance, would need to complete the traffic control course. Supervisors, on the other hand, should complete the traffic management course online. Having said that, there are some private and governmental organizations that require the completion of both these courses to be qualified for the job of a traffic controller.


The fact of the matter is that you just cannot become a traffic controller as it is. You need to have proper qualifications, and you also need to get hold of things like the White Card, certain certifications, and proficiency in English. Apart from this, completing the relevant courses is also something that should be done strictly. Failure to meet any of the above-explained requirements will probably mean that you won’t end up as a traffic controller in Australia.