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What is a good rate for tutoring?

Tutoring is one of the best ways to earn a living from a part-time job. There are a number of benefits of tutoring. The first and foremost factor is that in most of the part-time jobs, the times are fixed, however, in tutoring, you can decide your own time. Furthermore, tutors can generally earn more than most of the other part-time jobs.

When it comes to deciding how much to charge for tutoring, a number of factors come into play. Location, education, and experience, all play a role in how much a tutor can charge. Normally, a maths tutor charges $17 to $45 for an hour, as per the tutor pricing calculator. A tutor with experience of a certified teacher can charge as much as $76 for an hour.

Tutors can determine how much to charge students according to the following factors:

  •         Location
  •         Offered subject
  •         Qualification
  •         Charging “low”

Parents of a student may not necessarily hire you at lower rates. For instance, who would the parents choose between a tutor with professional experience who charges $30/hour and a tutor with no professional experience who charges $50/hour? The obvious choice would be to go with the first tutor. However, that is not always the case. Parents often go with the tutor who charges more just due to the confidence they have in their abilities.

Find a trending rate

If you are a tutor, you can use the Tutor Pricing Calculator available on various sites on the Internet to determine how much you can charge. You can also use the tutor search tool to determine competition and then compare those rates of tutors in your area who are teaching the same subjects as you.

Private tutors often offer different tutoring rates and these can vary quite a lot, depending on their region or town. For instance, the living costs in Melbourne are high which makes Melbourne tutoring more expensive. This is mainly due to the fluctuation in living costs of the areas.

Supply and demand

Furthermore, the tutoring rates can also be affected by the supply and demand of tutors in the vicinity. For instance, the town of Exeter where The Knowledgeable Roundtable was initiated, has an extremely high ratio of students to the general population since the local high school enrolls students from the 5 surrounding towns. This means that the number of students in 2700 in a town with total population of 14000. This makes the tutor fees quite higher than any other place.

However, there are some subjects whose demand is consistent throughout most of the areas which is why they pay higher than normal. These subjects are as follows:

  •         SAT prep
  •         Mathematics
  •         English Language
  •         Sciences

These are some of the most studied subjects around the world which makes their demand high. However, this also means that the supply is high since most tutors have studied these subjects at some point in their life. If you have command over any of the above-mentioned subjects, you should consider teaching these subjects as a tutor. Chances are that these subjects pay higher than normal in your area as well. Furthermore, if you teach a subject which is a little diverse, you can charge a little more than average.


Therefore, now that you have all the information, you can decide on how much to charge for being a tutor of a specific subject.