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How Social Media is Changing Police Investigation

A lot of people think social media is not doing anything bad and not even affecting anything. The truth is totally different. Social media these days is so popular, that sometimes it even helps to solve the police case. Of course, there are also moments when social media is getting just in a way. Social media is helping not only police investigations but also, any private investigator Gold Coast to test if someone’s husband or wife is faithful or not. Tracking through Social Media Four out of five police officers have told, that they use social media, such as Facebook to track their suspect. You can get a lot of information about a person just from looking at his or her profile. There even is a case in which police couldn’t find their suspect, but when posted the picture of the suspect on Facebook, a lot of people gave information about places where this person is sawn or what is doing.

Here are a list of police mostly used social media sites or apps:
Sometimes even Snapchat Of course, I have to mention Google either. Because that’s where everyone can search a person by name and immediately is shown sites this person has used.

There are persons, which has posted on social media just before committing a crime and made it easy for police to solve it. Also, police can go through social media friends to see, if there was someone more involved or what this person knows.

Social Media in Court It sounds quite funny, but sometimes social media profiles can even give you an alibi. Pictures, date and time can showplace you were located in. Or with who you were. That can make a big defense for yourself. But also, it can come even against you. Every bad comment or message you have sent to somebody. If the person doesn’t like it, he or she can sue you for that and there will be clear evidence. Private Investigation I guess everyone has heard about this, at least something. Private investigators mostly help

people to test their lover and see if they are faithful. They understand that it’s a painful process, that’s why they are working professional. Strongest tool for them is social media. They do a private investigation to see everything about the person, their hobbies, activities they do and even friends. They also offer different spy products that they use by themselves, like:
Phone charger hidden camera
GPS tracking and listening device • Alarm clock camera
Hidden spy camera’s And of course many more. Final Thoughts Social media is a good thing until someone starts to use it for a bad purpose, to offend someone or say something bad I think it is doing a great job, it gets a lot of people involved and that makes every case to solve faster.