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How Much Does It Cost to Leave Your Car Parked at the Airport for a Week?

It won’t be wrong to say the now normally have started to use air travel more than ever before. With the use of air travel, the use of airports and specifically the use of car parking has become even more common. Leaving your car at the airport for however long you may want has become very much a possibility especially because the airport itself and some associated private companies offer car parking services that are somewhat inexpensive and highly convenient. Even if you want to park your car for 30 minutes or for a week, you can always do that but at a certain price. Every airport charges its users when it comes to car parking. For instance, the San Francisco Airport parking cost revolves around $24 to $40 for a secured 24-hour parking spot.

Can you leave your car parked for a week?

In case you are traveling alone and have no one to drop you to, and pick you from the airport, the best solution is to drive yourself to the airport and leave your car parked in the parking for a long period of time. This will not only make you feel tension free but also will protect your car from any sort of mishaps because of the fact that your car will remain safe and secure at the airport. The safety of the car is almost guaranteed since it is parked at the airport parking which is usually very secured and also offer a number of different world-class facilities so that you can travel without any worries with regards to your car that you are leaving behind. The best thing about these car parking facilities is that if you pay according to the standards, you can park your car at a specific spot for however long may you want. So indeed it is true that you can park your car at the airport even for a week.

Airport parking charges

Parking at the airport is not free of cost. In fact, it can be a bit expensive depending upon your own preferences. Many private companies associate themselves with the airports and therefore provide security for the car parking. When private companies get involved, parking fares go up. Otherwise, the fares are average. Usually, the short term parking costs more than the long term parking does. The short term parking, as the name suggests, is designed specifically for the people who want to park their cars for a shorter period of time. Usually, this time period lies in the bracket of 45 to 60 minutes and is charged for $2 to $4 per 15 minutes. On the other hand, the long term parking is slightly more economical since the charges are based hourly. Usually, the charges revolve around the bracket of $25 to $40 for 24-hour parking. As far as parking the car for a week is concerned, the charges for this are $70 for seven days.