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How much are Social Media followers worth?

Social Media is one of the recent phenomena that has taken the entire world by storm whether it be in terms of personal use or business use. Indeed, the entire dynamics of the world have shifted ever since the introduction of the Social Media world. Different platforms and networks of Social Media have different benefits but overall all of them contribute majorly to the generation and sharing of new and fresh content. The content on Social Media that is posted is very versatile. It can vary from text to photos to videos in accordance with the context.

Since Social Media is all about sharing, networking, and connecting its impact is not possible until and unless its users do not remain active on it. As far as being active is concerned, Social Media uses “followers” as a metric to represent the amount of importance a specific Social Media account has. But these days the number of followers can be increased using services, for example, Instagram users can increase their followers using an organic Instagram growth service that not only increases the followers’ base but also promotes the account. In case of business accounts, the more the number of followers, the more are the chances of increasing online sales and generating greater profits. Similarly, on personal accounts on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, etc, followers indicate the authenticity of the account and indicate how social the user of the account actually is.

Different users use different techniques to increase their followers on their Social Media accounts. This is because followers are very important. In fact, one of the most important objectives of a user is to have maximum engagement and reach which is only possible when the number of followers is maximum. Hence, it can be said that Social Media followers contribute a great deal in achieving success as far as Social Media is concerned.

In order to acquire more followers, one of the ways to do this is to buy followers. Buying followers is one way to increase followers. However, in order to ensure that the account remains both authentic and original, it is advised that fake followers and automated bots should not be acquired or bought at any cost since they damage the overall image of the account. 

How much is a Follower Worth?

The monetary value or worth of a follower depends on a number of factors. Firstly, the value of the follower depends upon the platform. For example, a follower on Instagram will be worth different as compared to one on Facebook or even one on Snapchat and others.

According to different estimates, accounts pay approximately $10 – $12 per every 1,000 followers on Instagram. Similarly, on a major level, this increases to approximately $1,000 per 100,000 followers. On YouTube, however, the dynamics are much different. YouTube creators or influencers usually receive at least $0.5 – $1.5 per view. This estimates to about $20 per 1,000 subscribers or more accurately about $200 per 100,000 subscribers.