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Can You Live Off Juicing Alone? – The Truth About Juicing

Many years past, juicing was something that only overenthusiastic health-conscious individuals did. You just knew somebody was into healthy living if they drank fresh juice frequently or owned a juicer. Nowadays, it’s much more common. People are juicing for weight loss, to consume more nutrients, and to cleanse.

Does juicing help with weight loss? Will juice cleanse SF improve my health? Should I be juicing at all? While you might be in search of a quick answer, it is not that simple. Like many things in weight loss and nutrition, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to the topic of juicing. Read on to learn how juicing can benefit you and your health goals:

What Exactly Is Juicing, Anyway?

Juicing is a technique of separating vegetable and fruit juices from the fiber and pulp. A top quality masticating juicer can extract the juice from fiber by breaking down the fiber. A centrifugal juicer isn’t capable of breaking down fiber, so the fiber stays in the pulp, and its nutrient potential is lost. Masticating juicers are the best choice to obtain the maximum health advantages from your juicing.

Fresh juices are highly digestible and an excellent source of nutrients. Pasteurized juices are subjected to heats of up to 120 degrees, killing the natural enzymes in the juice. The nutrients in freshly extracted juice are whole and therefore, deliver maximum health advantages.

So Why Do People Juice? What Are the Health Advantages?

People who juice generally fall into one or more categories depending on the reason they choose to juice:

  • The Juice Cleanser uses a juice blend with the goal of giving the gut a rest and detoxifying the body.
  • The Juice Faster usually wants to jump-start their weight loss by using vegetable and fruit juice as their primary source of nutrition for up to a few months, weeks or days.
  • The Juice Snacker likes freshly squeezed juice with a snack or meal, and sometimes substitutes a meal with only juice. This juicer just enjoys juice or feels that fresh juice is a healthy addition to their nutrition on occasion.

Can You Live Off Juicing Alone?

Well, juices lack all the building blocks to lead a normal, healthy life. There is no fat, no carbs, and no protein. Consequently, taking just juice and water is a recipe for long-term disaster. Your body might go into starvation mode, you could lose muscle mass and weight.

Avoid depriving your body and as an alternative, eat a nutrient-rich low-calorie diet that has all the building blocks, and you can include juice for say one meal a day. See how your body responds and supplement it with some protein such as chicken or an egg.



When you choose to go on a juice diet, it is crucial that you first seek the advice of a professional dietician. This is important because not every body type is suitable to go under a liquid diet. Furthermore, you would be advised as to what kinds of fruits and vegetables you should use for your concoctions.

It’s also important to remember to stick to the recommended duration of your juice diet since it’s not okay to continuously detoxify your body. Also, you would still need to consume solid food but remember to keep it in moderation. This type of diet is a good start to living healthy because your digestive system will be clean and therefore ready to absorb proper nutrients.