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Bristol Airport

Bristol airport serves the city of Bristol and its surrounding metropolis. It was originally a Royal Air Force airfield before it was converted for commercial purposes in 1957 as Lulsgate airport. It handles over 8 million passengers annually which makes it the 9th busiest airport within the United Kingdom. In this article will get into more details about the airport focusing more on the parking services.


History of the airport

The airport began in 1927 as Wessex aeroplane club owned by a group of local businessmen. It was later converted into a municipal airport when it was taken over by the Bristol Corporation in 1929. Usage of the airport continued during WWII where it was used by the Royal Air Force for some of its missions. At this time, it was operating under the name RAF Lulsgate bottom. After the war, it continued to be used and changed ownership and names severally until it was named Bristol international airport in 1997. After changing ownership again several times, it was finally named Bristol airport in March 2010 and with this change also came rebranding activities such as change of logo and slogan.


Transport to the airport

The Air Force is located southwest of Bristol CBD on the A38 highway. All the roads connecting to the airport do not give quick access and there are proposals to build greater road connections for ease of access. In addition, the airport management has proposed the building over rail link from the city to the airport. This will be a major advantage to commuters as there will be no more traffic issues.


Airport parking

Nothing can be as frustrating and as inconveniencing as lacking a parking space in an airport. Fortunately for Bristol airport, this will never be the case because the airport management has invested in creating a sizeable and adequate parking lot. Additionally, the parking has been compartmentalized according to the various needs of users. In total, there are eight classes or compartments which are:


  1. The Express drop off- This is best suited 4 quick drop-offs where the car doesn’t stay for more than 10 minutes


  1. Short stay and pick up- This will be ideal for picking up passengers and it’s available for up to two days


  1. Meet and greet parking- This is most suitable for drop-off and pick-up


  1. Premier car park- This is well suited for those passengers who are in a hurry especially business travelers


  1. Hotel and parking- It is next to the Hilton hotel and you park and stay on-site


  1. Long stay Catholic car park- At Bristol airport long stay parking is Ideal for those flying out but don’t have people to receive them when coming back. It’s close to the terminal and requires prior booking but you have to be careful and not overstay because your battery might die



  1. multi-storey car park- This one is just opposite the terminal and has covered and wide parking spaces you can easily identify empty spaces by indicator lights


  1. Silver-zone Ccar park- This is the most popular. It’s a 4 to 5-minute bus ride to the terminal and you drop your keys for safekeeping until you return.


So if you’re planning to use Bristol airport, you don’t have to worry about parking your car. With the mega parking spaces available, there’s always a place for you. Security and safety are assured until you return for your car.