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Are Running Shoes Good for the Gym?

Runners love and value their running shoes, they are also sensitive to the brand and the trends of the running shoes in the market. Individuals choose the brand and type of footwear that matches their requirements based on style, foot needs, and pricing. Runners are defensive about their shoes, and it is mainly because the running shoes give them the comfort they want. The running shoes design have been developed to withstand strenuous activity during running, so they maintain their shape. The convenience of the shoes allows runners to use them in pavements, terrains, mud and rocky areas. Despite the ability to sustain strenuous activity, most runners feel that the running shoes cannot be used for a workout in the gym. The high price of quality running shoes has made some individuals consider using running shoes during workouts, however you can always find a great deal in The Walk In Closet store. Let’s see what are the advantages and disadvantages of using running shoes in the gym are:

Advantages of using running shoes for workout

The main advantage of working out in running shoes is saving on cost. The expense of obtaining a different pair of shoes for working out and running is expensive, especially for people who are after quality shoes.

The use of running shoes while working out also saves time. Individuals who use different shoes waste their time to change their shoes between sessions. The use of the same pair in both working out and running also reduces the luggage that one carries around since the chosen pair will be used for all exercises. To reduce the wear and tear on the running shoes runners should consider buying couple of pairs which they can use for both running and working out. Runners will also save the time of cleaning shoes by using one pair for workout and running.

Having one pair of shoes for running and the gym guarantees runners that the shoes are of the required quality and size. The surety will enable them to work out effectively without worry of discomfort.

Disadvantages of using running shoes in the gym

The main problem of using running shoes in the gym is the exposure of the shoes to wear and tear faster. The activities at the gym include jumping and lifting heavy weights, which the running shoes cannot sustain. Runners fear that the use of running shoes in the gym will make them ineffective when they are running.
Running shoes have a higher heel to aid in shock absorption, such kind of shoes are not recommended for use in the gym. The high heels cannot support the ankles, knees, and feet during gym sessions, which require lateral movement. The resulting impact of using running shoes in the gym is injuries.


When deciding whether to use running shoes for the gym, people need to consider their budget, time, and workout activities. Those who cannot afford to have two different shoe types can use the same pair for running and working out. Individuals who are after results can use different pairs of shoes to avoid injury and enhance comfort during workouts.